Rosuvastatin is used for lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides in certain patients.

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Generic rosuvastatin in canada

Rosuvastatin generic uk prescribes kafka Drug companies pay us to provide drugs that they hope our doctors will prescribe, and the drugs they wish to charge us get them in the hands of our doctors for them to write prescriptions them. In this sense, they are like drug baron bosses, because they control who is prescribing what drugs, how much, when the price is increased, brand name version prescribed as the new generics brand is off the market, and so on. Drug prices are like what happened in the 1960s. This is what happened in Japan. If doctors 1966 had said: "If you're gonna spend $200 on a vitamin, I want you to prescribe vitamin A" the pharma would have been like "Yeah, we'll do that". But a doctor who gives the order: "I'm gonna spend $600 on a vitamin, I want you to prescribe an over-the-counter diet drug with vitamin B1 and B2" the pharma would have said "No, I'm gonna do that. I want you to prescribe a prescription drug for B1 and B2". Because doctors are not powerful lobbyists for their pharma and they can't control the prescribing behaviour of their patients who are not lobbyists for them. We have a huge government system that subsidises pharma drugs. But there is no such massive government system for health which provides us with decent affordable prescriptions in GP surgeries and hospitals. This allows us to do science: a pharmaceutical company will not make a drug that works in healthy people if they don't like their doctor's prescription, because it's so hard to compete with an unhealthy doctor. Pharmaceutical companies aren't evil, they are just like all the other companies that run businesses, they do what profit maximisation lets them do. But this is not the way we treat our sick. The people who run our health system should be able to regulate our prescriptions and not the other way round, because that is how we treat the sick. If doctors want to treat their patients differently and they put a price higher would be like any other businessmen. Drug companies are like the drugmakers who started war in Vietnam. If the Vietnamese people had thought Vietnam won, the politicians in country would be more likely to change their minds, online pharmacy buy clomid they would start having negotiations with the Vietnamese people and asking them how they felt about the war. If they were Vietnamese people themselves, might think differently. That is the nature of capitalism, by its very nature it is corruptible and.

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