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We are a family-owned, independent brokerage and pride ourselves on providing individual attention to our clients throughout the buying andselling process.Exquisite Homes by Michelle Sheridon is brokered by Sheridon Reality. The company's start-up date was January 2008.

Sheridon Reality, LLC
621 Brook Hollow Road
Nashville, TN 37205

Broker, Jon Sheridon, is well-known in theNashville, TN realtor communitywhere he hasover 45 years experience in the real estate field. Michelle Sheridon with Exquisite Homes by Michelle Sheridon is an affilitate brokers with Sheridon Reality.

Sheridon Reality offers expertise in all factors of real estate owndership and multiple listing services for properties.

Let our experience, knowledge and professionalism help you in purchasing or selling yourhome!

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